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Charged with doubling the number of graduates to support Alaska’s strategic economic growth initiative, the University of Alaska College of Engineering and Mines sought the help of NBBJ to usher in the next generation of research and learning.

In response, NBBJ designed a new facility at the heart of the campus that supports transdisciplinary learning and showcases UAF’s strategic areas of innovation. Located between the School of Management and the current engineering building, the design includes laboratories, high bay space and studio work spaces for engineering students and ‘neighborhood spaces’ available to all university students and faculty. In order to showcase the field of engineering to the entire campus, the design incorporates large planes of high performance glazing to maximize transparency.

In addition, renovation to the existing engineering building allows full connectivity with the new building. Together, the buildings will be a tool to recruit new students, spur collaboration across campus, and increase visibility and value to the State of Alaska by growing its business and industrial base.