The new Psychology Building brings cross-disciplinary learning and a renewed sense of integration and connection to its campus surroundings.

The Ohio State University’s (OSU) top ranked Psychology Department has a long history of excellence in research, teaching, and service. Their continued vision for the department is to be one of the most revered university centers for learning and discovery in the field of psychology.

OSU decided that a new building for the department was necessary in order to advance and transform the program. The specific challenges facing the department included: a lack of clear identity on campus due to being spread across multiple locations, an inability to optimize research dollars because of outdated facilities, and distance from campus pathways that decreased the visibility of the department.

The new Psychology Building brings the department's students, staff, and resources together under one roof, and takes advantage of its location by creating new and reinforcing existing cross-campus pathways. The building links to the adjacent Laxenby Hall through a glass-enclosed atrium, which straddles an existing public route--creating an interior/exterior gathering space that encourages social interaction. Administrative offices, conference rooms, and student spaces also reside in this sky-lit interaction hub, facilitating connectivity and discourse between the students and faculty of both buildings.

Each level contains a mix of faculty offices, building support, and research space in order to increase cross-discipline collaboration, while classrooms and resource areas are organized around public spaces to encourage interaction.


ASLA, Ohio Chapter, Honor Award - Sustainability