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“ These buildings have a real presence: they are solid and commanding. They stand for the highest ideals of medicine. ”

Delos M. “Toby” Cosgrove, M.D. CEO and President, Cleveland Clinic

Sydell & Arnold Miller Family Pavilion

Each year more than 3.2 million people receive care at the Cleveland Clinic. The hospital frequently operated at 92% capacity, well over the industry norm of 85%. To meet demand and upgrade outdated facilities, the Clinic embarked on a 1.3 million square-foot, two-building expansion.

The nation’s #1 heart and vascular institute is now consolidated in the curved Miller Pavilion. The 10-story facility features 128 exam rooms, 79 procedure rooms, 16 operating rooms, 110 intensive care beds and office space. The adjoining Glickman Tower houses the Urological and Kidney Institute, the clinic’s largest surgery center and one of its fastest-growing programs.

Under the clinic’s new “Institute” model, multidisciplinary centers integrate the expertise of diverse medical experts into the comprehensive treatment of a single disease. This allows patients to better access the care they need.

Single-Patient Rooms

All 278 private patient rooms include a wood-paneled accent wall with a flat screen television and a comfortable, pull-out sleeper sofa. Oxygen, suction and blood pressure equipment is easily accessible, but neatly hidden behind sliding panels. Bedside technology and wireless computer access gives the patient greater control over their environment. Workstations on wheels allow for efficient nurse documentation throughout each floor.

Single Patient

The role of the family has changed from concerned bystander to a member of the care team, often with family members staying around the clock. Designing family zones in patient rooms results in fewer patient falls, reduced patient stress and depression, improved communication and increased patient satisfaction. Alternate patient room floors are arrayed so that adjacent rooms can be converted to family suites.

Family Suite

Glickman Tower

Glickman Tower, home of the hospital’s Glickman Urological and Kidney Institute, is a 12-story building comprising 74 exam rooms, 16 procedure rooms, a 21-bed dialysis unit, and a chapel and meditation room. The Procedure Center comprises two large open areas, each with a panoramic view of the treatment stations. This consolidation contributes to greater functionality, safety, and efficiency.

Glickman’s design accommodates flexibility and changes on demand. Outpatient offices are built on the same module as exam rooms – in fact, the open structural plan can accommodate anything from an office to an operating room to a laboratory. When the building opened, the heart center expanded across buildings to make efficient use of previously unassigned space.

Although Glickman Tower began construction more than a year after Miller Pavilion, both buildings were completed at the same time, thanks to Building Information Modeling (BIM) and a cost/manpower scheduling program that allowed the team to fast-track major project changes without additional staffing.

“ The addition of Glickman Tower allows us to continue our momentum in pioneering new surgical techniques, incorporating the latest technology, and—most importantly—continuously improving outcomes for our patients. ”

Andrew C. Novick, M.D. Chairman, Glickman Urological & Kidney Institute

Art at Cleveland Clinic
Art at Cleveland Clinic
Art at Cleveland Clinic
Art at Cleveland Clinic
Art at Cleveland Clinic
The Cleveland Clinic Foundation, Miller Pavilion and Glickman Tower
Art at Cleveland Clinic
Art at Cleveland Clinic

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