Filled In,
Fired Up

Renovations to the Inamori School of Engineering furnished the New York State College of Ceramics with a showcase to display the quality and creativity of its highly specialized ceramics research.

The school of engineering and the college of ceramics needed to upgrade their facilities within the McMahon Engineering Building, a large U-shaped brick building that dates to 1952. Additions and renovations to the McMahon building inserted a contemporary new structure into the existing courtyard and created prominent new entrances on both sides of the building.

The courtyard addition is structurally distinct from the existing building, with a foundation that utilizes inertia blocks and spring isolators, in order to protect the sensitive microscopy and spectroscopy suites from the light, vibration and electromagnetic interference of the other laboratories. This separation also allows daylight to enter into the former courtyard rooms, which are now located in the interior of the building.

The new addition includes microscopy and spectroscopy imaging suites, high temperature ceramics laboratories, and X-ray diffraction and thermal analysis laboratories. Other programs include project-based classroom for freshman engineering students, a student lounge, a computer lab and flexible common space.

X-ray Diffraction Lab
Spectroscopy Lab
Electron Microscopy / Vibration Isolation Lab