of Mind

After holding an international competition for the design of a new 310 bed hospital, Samsung Medical Center selected NBBJ’s award-winning design.

The scheme caters to distinct patient demographics: a broad spectrum of the Korean population, and a growing international patient population. The tranquility and calmness of the site reflect qualities essential to a healing environment. Envisioning a hospital emblematic of a forest, light is filtered like a tree canopy, landscape flows through the lobby, and abstract tree patterns are grafted to building forms. As a result, patients, families and staff are connected with the essence of nature.

The design contributes to the healing process through spatial and environmental strategies: access to the surrounding landscape, patient zones that transform from places of respite to state-of-the-art healing environments, naturally lit public areas that alleviate the stress of being in a hospital, clarity of wayfinding and sustainable building systems that promote a high performing healthcare environment.

Video: Virtual Tour

The illustration below demonstrates how the design of Samsung International Hospital shifted from a convention tower on podium approach to one that uniquely meets the needs of its domestic and international patients.


AIA Seattle, Citation