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NBBJ helped Samsung — one of the world's largest high-tech companies — design a new American headquarters in Silicon Valley.

The campus comprises a 10-story tower, an amenity pavilion and parking garage. The design encourages interaction among staff, invites the community on campus and attracts employees in the highly competitive tech market, which is growing at a faster pace than overall employment.

The building is set close to the street edge at the intersection of North First and East Tasman Drive, with cafes and a Samsung expo at the corner. The design includes a white metal, glass and terracotta exterior; a parking structure covered in a folding green-colored wall; and courtyards that include fitness facilities, artwork and cafes — some of which will be open to the public. The tower, with its height and unique form, creates a powerful brand image for Samsung.

The tower houses 2,000 Samsung employees, divided into two sections: R&D and sales. A courtyard connects the entire building, creating a central gathering place. In a rarity for a high-rise workspace, each Samsung employee is no further than one floor away from green space. Amenities such as grab-and-go dining facilities and a fitness center are also centrally located.

The headquarters is also a highly energy-efficient building. The tower’s façade is designed to reduce solar heat gain, which reduces energy costs related to cooling a building; clear glass allows natural light deep into the floorplate; and trees and water features provide connections to the environment.

Video: Virtual Tour