a Landmark

The Richardson Olmsted Complex Master Plan identifies opportunities to revitalize an 1870’s era hospital and redevelop 90 acres of land.

In order to facilitate the master planning process, a Community-Advisory Group (CAG) was established to liaison between the Board of Directors and the community at-large. Monthly meetings with the CAG helped craft a vision for the project and establish goals and objectives. In addition, three large public meetings were held to elicit broad community feedback on the project.

Reuse opportunities that emerged as a result of the market analysis include a boutique hotel, conference and event facilities, architecture center and visitor center for the City of Buffalo. Additional reuse opportunities that emerged through presentations and interviews include cultural and art spaces, academic uses and housing. Detailed cost estimates for the stabilization of the historic structure inform future funding opportunities. So far, $75 million has been allocated to the Richardson Center Corporation from New York State to begin rehabilitation of the complex.


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