A Picture
of Health

For the Living Well Health Center, NBBJ designed an exhibit to engage patients with a message that transforms the typical focus of medicine – with its emphasis on “intervention” and fighting disease – into a promotion of life-long wellness and health.

The Living Well Health Center is a Microsoft-run outpatient clinic catering exclusively to employees of the company’s Redmond campus. To reduce the anxiety many feel when seeing a medical professional, the design team created a “positive distraction” in the waiting room, an installation that creates an atmosphere of wellness and progressive care. In an illuminated wall niche, simple, familiar objects – a bicycle, an oar, children’s toys, a flashlight – are paired with statistics related to health and exercise.

The exhibit wall culminates in a super-high-resolution, 5700-pixel-wide video screen, where an 18-minute-long video installation, filmed by NBBJ, conveys similar information in a graphic, playful style. Paired with the object installation, the video is an art piece blurring the lines between digital and physical. The result is a waiting area with a vibrant, modern energy, one that engages visitors with a thought-provoking message about healthy living.

Video: Making Health Accessible