The Kuwait Police Hospital honors and cares for police and their families, while connecting to a cultural landscape defined by the expansive and beautiful, yet unforgiving, desert environment in which it resides.

Constructed to the 100-meter height limit established by building regulations, the 500-bed Kuwait Police Hospital has a commanding civic presence in the Al Sabah Health Zone, along Jamal Abdul Nasser Street in Kuwait City. It incorporates a wide variety of medical specialties and inpatient facilities, creating a healing environment to enhance patient satisfaction and staff performance, and ultimately provide both visitors and patients confidence in the quality of care.

To improve medical outcomes and the quality of the patient experience, all inpatient rooms are private, single-patient rooms with ample daylight and views over Kuwait Bay to the north or Kuwait City to the east. Copper-colored aluminum panels, running the full height of the building, help screen the patient rooms from sun and views to adjacent rooms. Near ground level, the panels rotate perpendicular to the facade to create a horizontal canopy that filters daylight into the main lobby and public concourse.

Landscape Design

Drawing from the region’s tradition of defining outdoor rooms with walls in a landscape, the Kuwait Police Hospital includes a series of sheltered exterior spaces for human comfort. In these lushly planted gardens, patients and staff can reflect and engage with nature, or even host events to honor police members and their families.

Landscape Strategy

Working with a Kuwait-based horticulture expert, the team carefully arranged native vegetation, materials and topography to reduce irrigation — 100% of landscape water needs can be met with recycled and storm water collection. As well, a bosque of native trees will be preserved on site.

Mosque Courtyard

A mosque is located adjacent to the outpatient wing on a site that, once identified and constructed, is sacred and can never be changed. The landscape design employs courtyard walls and axes to guide circulation and focus.

Sunken Garden

A sunken courtyard connects the basement-level cafeteria to the outdoors. A linear space carved six meters into the ground, it is anchored by a retaining wall that both protects against the elements and creates a canvas for light and shadow play throughout the day.

Video: Kuwait Police Hospital