Revitalizing a Riverfront

NBBJ developed a master plan with restored waterways and increased connections to bring the Kazanka River back to life.

Kazan, an ancient cultural and commercial center located along the Volga River, experienced rapid growth due to its abundance of natural resources. The Kazanka River, a tributary of the Volga, separates the city’s historic left bank and commercial right bank. Reservoirs from a series of dams built along the Volga in the 1950s had backed up into the Kazanka, resulting in a two-kilometer-wide lake that further divided the city.

A new waterfront master plan, developed by NBBJ, proposed to restore the Kazanka River to its original width by creating new-fill land forms along the right bank that would provide greater connectivity across the river and new opportunities for development to support the city’s growth. Along with improving water quality, the plan makes the river the focal point of a mixed-use area that includes public green space, residential buildings, offices, retail, entertainment and cultural amenities that will bring new life into the city center.

Site Context Studies

Fill Areas

Total proposed fill area = 463 hectares

Open Space

Extension of open/green space


Existing infrastructure

Walking Radii

5, 10 and 15 min walking radii