When consolidating fashion, store design, finance and HR departments in their 3rd Avenue headquarters, Bloomingdale’s sought a workplace that would combine group privacy with opportunities for interaction.

Where the departments’ old workplaces used to be hierarchical and cubicle-intensive, now open workstations are more transparent and democratic, with fewer private offices, and with access to natural light around the entire perimeter of the building. Conference rooms are utilized much less than before, because now teams collaborate at their desks, in the pantry, in private offices and the workroom.

Pods of workstations with classic modern furniture divide the open workspace into neighborhoods, creating privacy for different groups, and allowing for greater flexibility as departmental needs change. A shared, open workroom houses materials for both the store design and fashion groups, making efficient use of space while encouraging interaction across departments.

The pantry serves as the space’s communal hub, with an open ceiling and black-and-white furniture. Colorful timeline graphics, created in-house by Bloomingdale’s, wrap the building’s core and circulation paths to narrate the history of the brand, with bold colors and nods to fashion throughout the ages. The result modernizes the brand’s existing design standards, updating a black-and-white palette for a dynamic culture that is anything but monochromatic.