A Fresh

By concentrating green plazas in key locations, the landscape design for this regional health center clarifies wayfinding and creates a fresh contemporary image.

The construction of the new six-story, 150-bed inpatient tower was a strategic step in the implementation of a plan to reinforce the hospital’s position as the preferred healthcare provider for the region surrounding Findlay, Ohio. In addition to improving patient care and increasing efficiency, the new facility helps rebrand the hospital by creating a fresh, contemporary image. The landscape plays a key role in projecting this new image while offering a new sense of place with connections to the community.

NBBJ’s landscape architects developed a site organizational strategy that simultaneously addressed multiple issues. Rather that “sprinkle green” across the site, the design team took an approach of “concentrating green” in key locations. In doing so, the landscape has much stronger visual impact; pedestrian and vehicular corridors become integrated into the landscape; wayfinding is clarified; designated parking is well understood; and the process of planting large trees over bedrock close to the surface was greatly simplified.


American Society of Landscape Architects, Ohio Chapter, Merit Award