Landmarking a New Destination

Designed as a premiere destination for life, work, and culture, Yanlord Landmark is serving the needs of Chengdu’s growing local and international community.

Located in the heart of the city’s Central Business District, Yanlord Landmark is a mixed-use development in what has become a key economic, transportation, and communication hub in Southwestern China. The prominent site—bordered by Renmin Nan Road, a major north-south city axis, on the west and situated between the Sichuan Exhibition Center and the Jin River—allows the complex to function as a landmark and focal point within the city.

The project is comprised of three towers containing offices, residential units, and a hotel, rising from a retail and entertainment podium. Phase 1, completed in 2010, includes two towers that anchor the highly visible corners of the northern end of the triangular site and are oriented to maximize uninterrupted views and minimize solar exposure. The 280-meter, 65-story office and hotel tower to be constructed in Phase 2 will have commanding 360-degree views and will be the tallest building in Chengdu and Western China making it a significant landmark for the city. The hotel, which is stacked above the office floors, will have its own main lobby and reception area located at a sky lobby midway up the tower. Three full levels of parking will be constructed below the site.

The project is setting a new standard for high-end developments in the region and will become the center of commercial activity in Chengdu. To balance developer goals with the client’s and city’s desire for an architectural landmark, the design team based the tower forms on a simple and efficient floor plate. The simple tower volumes are wrapped in a continuous glass façade, which visually unifies the towers with the podium below, creating a single, cohesive architectural expression. At street level, the façade folds out over the sidewalk, defining major entry points into the complex.