Soaring High, but Still Connected

Tencent — one of the world’s largest internet companies and ranked as the most innovative business in China — is working with NBBJ to adapt the connectivity of a suburban tech campus into an urban high rise.

Once only a household name to consumers in China, Tencent is now a major player in international e-commerce and web technology. The architecture of its new headquarters reflects the company's rising international influence, its networked culture and the interconnectivity of the web. The linked configuration activates movement and exchange within the workplace, creating horizontal “streetscapes” and vertical connections. The expansion will provide space for 12,000 additional employees and nearly quadruples the size of Tencent’s current workplace real estate portfolio.

Energy strategies reduce consumption and carbon emissions by 40% over a typical office tower. In addition, the slight rotation of the towers and their offset heights capture the site’s prevailing winds, ventilating the atria while minimizing exposure to direct sun. To control glare and heat-gain, the curtain wall incorporates a modular shading system that varies according to the degree of sun exposure.

Video: Aerial Construction Footage

Awards and Publications


MIPIM Asia Gold Award, Best Chinese Futura Mega Project


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