Community, History, Health

“ Edmonds now has a world-class emergency and urgent care center right in its backyard, embodied in a package that captures the spirit of our community. ”

Jennifer Graves Chief Executive, Swedish Edmonds Hospital

The NBBJ-led design team worked with hospital executives to uncover three design parameters — community, history and the values of both Swedish Health Systems and its affiliated organization Providence Health & Systems — which filtered into the design at micro and macro scales.

The resulting expansion offers critical new ED and imaging services and welcoming, day-lit guest amenities, all within a facility that forms a welcoming new front door for the campus. Designed for innovation and flexibility, it houses a new type of observation room — in which staff can monitor patients for an extended period without admitting them to the inpatient hospital — and shelled space to accommodate future service lines.

Throughout, the design was inspired by the area’s geology and economic history. The striated building facade evokes the sedimentation left by ancient glacial retreats, and a landscape with re-purposed wood slabs forms rippling arcs and gentle waves reminiscent of the nearby Puget Sound. In the lobby, an installation of 18-foot-high boom logs — repurposed old growth Douglas Firs, estimated to be 250-300 years old, last used during the 20th-century logging industry — nod to Edmonds’ deep history as a shingle mill town.

Awards and Publications


IIDA Healthcare Interior Design Award
Modern Healthcare Design Award


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