A Canal
Runs Through It

An urban forest and canal weave nature throughout the Suning Ruicheng Mixed-Use Development, creating a unique, sustainable urban landscape in Nanjing.

This urban office complex, developed by the Suning Corporation, will offer premier commercial space in Nanjing’s Gulou district, near the Yangtze River. The design of Phase I consists of five office and SOHO towers surrounding a central square, oriented for optimal views and daylight. Simple sunshades on the tower facades impart not only a sustainable solution to solar heat gain, but also a contemporary architecture style.

Phase II is defined by a pair of subtly angled landmark towers and a retail complex that spans the main gateway into the development from the east. At the heart of Phase II stands an urban forest, surrounded by clusters of flexible, low-rise office buildings; standing low to the ground, each building has an immediate connection to the landscape and nature, giving it a sense of privacy and exclusivity. A one-kilometer-long canal, with adjacent plazas and promenades, brings residents closer to nature while increasing the value of the office and retail space.