Water, Water Everywhere

Qingdao Water City aims to lead the market as the first choice for potential buyers and investors within Qingdao and throughout northern China.

Aoshan Bay lies at the confluence of several waterways flowing into the East China Sea just beyond Mount Laoshan, one of China’s most significant peaks. This special wetlands site is part of Qingdao Water City, a series of urban centers and neighborhoods interlaced with canals, lakes, and a greenbelt.

Aoshan Bay will be developed in the context of a regional economic strategy designed to increase and promote tourism, convention, and resort activities in Qingdao and greater Shandong province. A new series of residential and resort islands extends south into the sea, while inland development integrates with freshwater lakes and canals and a linked greenbelt woven through the entire district. Designed at a human scale, Qingdao Water City supports an active, urban, and recreation-oriented lifestyle that celebrates the water and surrounding landscape.

Design Principles

Residential development oriented toward sea and lake views


Recreation and sporting activities


Education, health care and civic facilities

Civic Functions

Convention, exhibition, hospitality, resort and commercial uses