The Nanjing Eco Hi-Tech Island is positioned to be Nanjing’s center for the development and practice of high-tech innovation, and an ecological destination and resource for citizens and tourists.

Located in the Yangtze River, just 6.5 kilometers from the city’s downtown area and across the bridge from the new central business district, the island will help drive the city’s economic advancement and the future of the area’s sustainable development. The Xin Wei Yi Technology Park is the first plot to be developed from the island’s master plan and is situated adjacent to the island’s main bridge.

The campus features an exhibition hall, office research buildings, and residential buildings, which will be built at a later phase. The new campus is set to be an incubator for technology and environmental companies. The Exhibition Hall, with its dramatic roof-line, is the first impression of the campus as visitors approach the island from downtown. The eight peaks on the roof symbolize the neighboring Zhong and Stone Mountains, and each peak has an oculus or “light cannon” that drives natural light into the large floor plates. The concept of the light cannons are magnified, in built form, in the design of the eight, pentagon-shaped Office Research Buildings, which feature large interior courtyards.

Site Scale

Measuring 13.4 hectares, the site is comparable to 20 city blocks of New York’s Central Park. To maintain the open-park feeling, the campus is organized in clusters along a central spine that streamlines circulation, and promotes visibility and interaction among tenants.

Sustainable Strategies
Sustainable Strategies
Sustainable Strategies
Sustainable Strategies
Sustainable Strategies

Awards and Publications


Boston Society of Architects/AIA Honor Awards for Excellence, Winner
MIPIM Asia, Best Chinese Futura Project, Bronze Award
MIPIM Asia, Best Innovative Green Building, Gold Award


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