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“ We are moving them from their garage to our garage. ”

Doug Moore McKinstry President

Engineering firm McKinstry is known for creating innovative products and systems that provide maximum value for every energy dollar spent. Its new Innovation Centers bring emerging clean energy companies under one roof and formalize a long-standing tradition of delivering business advice and resources to start-ups.

The Seattle Innovation Center fills in part of the top floor of a new, two-story parking garage next to McKinstry's headquarters in the Georgetown neighborhood. NBBJ’s design employed flexible office strategies and shared amenities, creating a vibrant environment that accelerates innovation at all scales — from a business-ready, one-person office to a full operation requiring more than 3,000 square feet.

NBBJ’s design research led to insights about key areas where the workplace needs of start-ups are unique. At the same time, designers also incorporated best practices from larger scale workplace settings that serve established innovative companies.

Since opening, 13 companies have moved in and the space is now fully leased. Each has doubled in size since joining the Center, creating jobs and contributing to the progress of Seattle’s clean technology community. Plans are currently underway to double the size of the Seattle Innovation Center to accommodate more tenants as well as a conferencing center.

Roll-out: Based on the success of the Seattle Innovation Center, McKinstry has launched a larger satellite center in Spokane, in the heart of the city's University District.

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“ Our business is strengthened by being here. Collaborating with other clean technology innovators in the Center’s community is essential to our growth and the future of Seattle’s economy. ”

Stephen Lambo President, American Strategic Group (Tenant)

Extending the Design Concept
Extending the Design Concept
Extending the Design Concept
Extending the Design Concept
Extending the Design Concept
Extending the Design Concept
Extending the Design Concept

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