Social in
Silicon Valley

The M Social Hotel and Residences, located along the 101 Freeway in Sunnyvale, will create a vibrant hotel and residential complex to meet the increasingly energetic, urban vibe of Silicon Valley.

M Social is a lifestyle design brand of Millennium Hotels that appeals to younger travelers who want a more interactive hospitality experience. By pairing small bedrooms with abundant public amenities, M Social encourages guests to socialize with each other and explore the surrounding community. The M Social Hotel and Residences brings this ethos for the first time to the Millennial-minded population of the Bay Area.

The design of the six-story, 263-key hotel combines two architectural typologies: an internal courtyard and rooftop terraces. These spaces blur the boundary between inside and outside, enabling the indoor-outdoor lifestyle of California and allowing many traditional hotel components to be combined and redefined as one large, social space. The terraced roof additionally creates distinct outdoor areas on upper levels, ranging from a rooftop bar, to a garden for exclusive guests, to private garden villas.

Situated along a lake, with panoramic views to the Santa Clara and Diablo Mountains, the hotel connects to adjacent residences — existing homes as well as 250 new apartments built in conjunction with M Social — and commercial buildings via a public path.