The Garden

Referred to as the ‘Garden Hospital’ for its pastoral setting and 17 courtyards, the new district general hospital in Dumfries, Scotland, provides an uplifting, therapeutic and person-centred environment.

The building form and materials of the Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary were developed to reflect its rural setting and to optimise views and natural daylight. The contemporary facade design references both the rural stone buildings of the area and patterns derived from the surrounding forest.

The design considers the wellbeing of staff as critical to the success of the new hospital as the wellbeing of patients and visitors. The interior design strategy continues the welcoming and pleasing theme of the exterior by defining and unifying a hierarchy of spaces, each with their own distinct needs. The main entrance atrium is a civic space filled with light with a clear and welcoming reception. The goal is a facility that staff are eager to work in and reluctant to leave.