of Choice

NBBJ transformed the London offices of this global pharmaceutical company, refurbishing 5,200 square meters in their UK business services center (BSC) to provide a smart working environment for new work processes.

The overall objective was to create consistency in the proposed operating model of the company’s BSC’s across a number of locations, including London and Kuala Lumpur. The traditional office space was completely refurbished to provide unassigned, open-plan desking — which is height-adjustable and mobile — and new meeting, training, collaboration and presentation spaces (mobile and fixed) to give users choice about how and where they work on a daily basis.

The building is supplemented by shared amenities such as a large central café, auditorium, breakout spaces and an outdoor deck adjacent to a lake for use in the warmer months. ‘Innovation zones’ for focused discussions and group meetings provide a creative space away from the typical office areas. Equipped with mobile furniture and magnetic, glass white board panels for writing on, these areas are designed to create a lively atmosphere and dynamic approach conducive to collaborative work.

The central atrium provides a light, bright and engaging focal point and areas on each floor are assigned around it for more informal meeting space away from the traditional work areas. Meeting areas use mobile screens, mobile tables and magnetic white boards for ease of repositioning and developing ad hoc communication and idea generation.

As a result, employees feel they belong to a community, and spontaneous social interaction and communication has increased. The refurbishment of the 20-year-old building has created an innovative, fun and interactive space with new technologies encouraging virtual collaboration and idea sharing with the company’s BSC’s in other locations.