Community, College, Planning

The 2014 update of NBBJ’s 2007 master plan for Bunker Hill Community College defines a framework for meeting the space needs of an institution that has seen enormous success in recent years.

Governed by the 2007 plan and projected enrollment and curriculum demands, the 2014 Bunker Hill Community College Master Plan Update prioritizes programs to be implemented within currently available earmark funding. This update addresses:

  • The renovation and expansion of the existing library into a learning commons
  • The consolidation and relocation of student services into a one-stop student “navigation center” adjacent to the main entrance
  • The creation of state-of-the-art instruction spaces that reflect current pedagogies and classroom demands
  • The relocation of the bookstore to a more prominent and accessible location
  • The expansion of culinary arts into space formerly occupied by the bookstore
  • Investments in deferred maintenance
  • Life safety upgrades to electrical and fire alarm systems
  • The provision of much-needed student activity space for both group activities and quiet study

A significant project challenge involved the number of programs shifting around at one time. With many small student service offices relocating across campus or consolidating into the one-stop services center, the design team suggested backfill programming to fill the open space that resulted.

Beyond the immediate future, the master plan update also addresses the need for additional instructional spaces, a comprehensive landscape plan, a renovated entry plaza and the long-term development of new academic buildings within the central quadrangle.