Transformative insights that lay a foundation for a strategic future.


Consulting guides business and design decisions through data-driven insights to enhance how people and buildings perform in four key areas:

Healthcare Strategy – Master planning, operational improvement and operational readiness are essential drivers to develop right-sized, right fit solutions for healthcare organizations. Staff clinicians, data strategists, lean experts and urban planners create high performing human and healthcare solutions.

Workplace Strategy – Through a holistic approach, NBBJ’s workplace strategists align people, context and goals to create a cohesive workplace experience that drives performance, culture and mission. Services include experience planning, change management and real estate strategy.

Design Performance – Sophisticated and high-performance standards are tackled by engineering, computational expertise and nationally recognized sustainable experts. Impacts of energy, water, carbon footprint and an organizations ecosystem are optimized throughout planning and design to ensure business, buildings and people align for performance.

Capital Strategy – Strategic facility planning, financial analytics, operational modeling, forecasting and testing program solutions is at the forefront of determining financial viability. Maximizing long-term asset performance while meeting current and future needs is defined through cost modeling, cost assessment and proforma development for healthcare and commercial industries.

About Us

Whether in a corporate workplace, a hospital or commercial high-rise, NBBJ Consulting synthesizes complex problems to formulate a clear roadmap to achieve long-lasting results.

Strategists, data analysts, clinicians, business administrators, engineers, financial analysts, architects, planners and other experts rationalize layers of information to ensure planning, operations, financial and real estate needs today have a successful path forward. Acting as trusted advisors in collaboration with design teams, clients capitalize on the intersection between human and business performance.

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Healthcare Strategy

  • Strategic facility master planning
  • Operational process improvement
  • Operational readiness

Workplace Strategy

  • Workplace experience and planning
  • Change management
  • Real estate strategy

Design Performance

  • Sustainability consulting and certification
  • Resilience consulting
  • Performance-driven design analytics
  • Digital tools and workflow development
  • Materials consulting

Capital Strategy

  • Business Case Modeling
  • Occupancy cost modeling​
  • Life cycle cost assessment ​
  • Pro forma development ​
  • Contribution Margin (CM), Net Present Value Modeling (NPV)​