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Jane McElroy, RIBA

Jane has over 25 years’ experience in healthcare, residential, corporate and community architecture. During the past fifteen years, she has focused primarily on healthcare projects ranging in scope from a highly acclaimed ambulatory care and diagnostic center to major academic teaching hospitals. In particular, she directs her efforts to initial briefing, user consultation, medical planning and the integration of these aspects within the broader design context, together with a focus on the human experiential aspects of healthcare buildings.

Jane has had the unique experience of working on several of the largest new medical centre projects in the UK and Ireland, including Children’s Hospital of Ireland and Royal Liverpool University Hospital, which has enabled her to amass a significant body of data and critical insights about this building type. She is an innovator in surgical suite design, the design of wards and patient rooms, and women’s and children’s facilities. She has been involved in several of the first schemes in the UK which have incorporated exclusively single patient rooms.

Jane is a member of the Executive Committee of Architects for Health.


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