City Possible: Lessons in Urban Vitality

City Possible: Lessons in Urban Vitality

Copperworks Distilling Company, 1250 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA, April 2, 2019

The vibrancy of a city is often determined by the character of its streets, and the many restaurants, boutiques, residences and offices that call them home.

As the Puget Sound region undergoes dramatic expansion, how can its growth translate into city experiences that are more diverse? And what lessons can be learned from other cities on a similar quest?

Join NBBJ and Downtown Works for an evening with Robert Fung, President of the Salient Group and champion of the transformation of Vancouver’s Gastown neighborhood. Robert will lead a conversation with guests — leaders in real estate, hospitality and retail — about how to more provocatively curate city streets to fuel the next era of vital Seattle neighborhoods.

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