Using Data to Create More Human-Centered Designs

Using Data to Create More Human-Centered Designs

Fast Company Innovation Festival, New York, NY, November 1, 2016, 12:00–1:30pm

In this interactive session hosted at NBBJ's New York office, attendees of the annual Fast Company Innovation Festival will learn how data is being used to create more human-centered environments. NBBJ and an esteemed panel of experts will explore how this data-centric approach to design is already being applied in corporate workplace, urban design, and product development. We'll also share how millions of data points collected from sensors throughout NBBJ's own New York office are leading to unexpected decisions on things like temperature and lighting options and the utilization of conference rooms.

Ben Waber, Founder and CEO, Humanyze
Florent Peyre, Co-Founder and COO, Placemeter
Mark Rolston, Co-Founder and CEO, argodesign
Sarah Williams, Assistant Professor of Urban Planning, Director of the Civic Data Design Lab at MIT

Suzy Genzler, Associate, NBBJ