Video: Healthcare Public Spaces and the Power of Design

The Role of Public Spaces in Healing

The healthcare experience is one that exists with a delicate balance of the practical and the human spirit. Planning public areas in healthcare requires an in-depth look at how space has an impact on a patient's or a visitor's emotional state.

Recently my colleague Christian Carlson and I explored concepts that influence or define healthcare public spaces. The video explores key questions: How can the many needs of the patient, family, or staff can be attended to in public spaces? How can the patient's experience with healthcare be improved through the planning and design of a public space? How can these spaces provide respite, inspiration, courage, distraction, reflection, imagination or a moment that connects in what can be busy environment?

Our research is ongoing and our findings have been presented at numerous healthcare conferences. The topic is also the subject of an upcoming article in the March issue of Health Facilities Management magazine.