AIA + MBA: Better Ideas Come from Integrated Teams

The scale and complexity of the challenges facing the world today are unprecedented. Solutions won’t come from any single field, but from collaboration between innovators who can see beyond the way the world is to the way it could be.

Increasingly, our clients are seeking a new kind of design service that fosters creative confidence and pushes them beyond the boundaries of traditional thinking about buildings, space use, urban design. Our design teams have been organized to combine contrasting view points and problem-solving approaches.

A recent collaboration with University of Toronto’s Rotman School of Management and with its dean, Roger Martin, author of The Opposable Mind, has helped NBBJ find relevancy in more places, connect more elements of a problem, and craft more holistic design decisions.

By combining people from diverse disciplines--anthropologists, economists, psychologists, human factors designers and healthcare planners alongside architects--we believe we better help clients see the open-ended nature of innovation and to trust themselves to find the strongest way forward.

DesignIntelligence covered our internship program for Rotman students recently. Read the article here.