Driven to unite conservation, performance and health.

As humans, we are dependent upon a thriving natural world to be our best; as designers, we honor that relationship by building sustainable communities.

Environmental stewardship and conservation have long been a hallmark of our firm. As an early signatory of the 2030 Challenge and now a CarbonNeutral® certified company, our work simultaneously minimizes carbon emissions and conserves resources, while creating solutions that provide fresh air, daylight and healthy materials.

Green Materials, Sourced Locally
Green Investment Pays Off
Future of Energy Reduction
An Energy-Efficient, Biophilic Workplace
Reducing Hospitals’ Energy Use
Healing Faster by Nature
Outdoor Access for Health and Creativity
Building Carbon-Neutral Infrastructure

A Holistic Approach to Sustainability

Each project is driven by shared principles and practices focused on environmental benefit; applying them across fields of design at NBBJ allow for creative solutions with maximum impact.

Sustainable design goes far beyond resource and energy conservation. Integrated planning, architecture, landscaping and interior design means achieving maximum impact by connecting the dots across principles and practices.


As one of the very first signatories of the AIA 2030 Commitment and early adopters of the 2030 Challenge, NBBJ is committed to continually reducing energy and fossil fuel emissions and achieving a zero-emissions design standard by the year 2030.

Architecture 2030
NBBJ is committed to carbon reduction through its work – where the firm has more than five million square feet of Net Zero projects in design – and in its business as a CarbonNeutral® certified company through Natural Capital Partners. Carbon Neutrality

NBBJ uses design computation tools to optimize material use and energy consumption. For example, the design for Hangzhou Stadium uses 2/3 less steel – a key contributor to carbon emissions – than a stadium of comparable size.

Design Computation

NBBJ’s philanthropic donations support a variety of organizations, but focus on those that support environmental and social justice issues. This includes work with the Nature Conservancy – where the firm is planting one million trees by 2030 to offset more than 230,000 tons of CO2. For more on philanthropy at NBBJ, click here.